29 March 2016

2NE1 years.


Ok harini I nak buat special entry gittewww. 

I ada bestfriend, I prefer to call him my b(ae)stfriend. Because I like it! He is a good listener, he listens to all of my rants and stories and problems basically everything hihihi. And the best part is, he will never judge me. Bila dia rasa I buat sesuatu yang salah, he will always try to explain to me what is wrong and what should I do to fix it. Because I am not good at handling my own problems, so yea he basically solves half of my probs? Lol thanks. Macam contohnya when I got into an accident langgar tiang depan rumah, I nangis-nangis like a baby and he took my car to the workshop. Baiki. Pergi cat sana sini. Hantarkan I food because I takde car. Sampai settle.

When I need a shoulder to cry on, he will always be there. OK not like I nangis-nangis atas bahu dia la, but to some girls of course it is embarrassing to cry and show your ugly face in front of your guy friend kan? Tapi I tak. Once in awhile we will go to the beach (back then in Kuantan of course, KL/Selangor got no beach meh) and have a heart-to-heart session until late night. We will basically just talk about everything, problems, our dreams, future and gossips too! (Miahahaha believe me he has more gossips than I do, I selalu jadi orang kedua yang tahu everything lol) and bila masatu I tengah ada problem, I will just cry and he will let me cry until I penat. And he will be like “Its okay for you to cry now, cry all you want, but you have to stand up and don’t let other people buli you. You are who you are. I tak suka tengok you lemah macamni” and this cry cry baby Syamim will say “Okay, okay! I know!” and he “You know you know but what you doin? CRY SOME MORE!” HAHAHAHAHAHHAA

Sorry cengeng.

But, we also have this gaduh gaduh time. I think its normal for us to fight at least once a week. Its kinda boring when we don’t fight. Nyeh nyeh nyeh! The good thing about fighting is, we realized that we can’t live without each other. The longest I can say, 2 hours? After that one of us will text/call saying sorry (jarang berlaku) mostly kita just randomly “Hi? Dah habis marah belum? Bosan do” HAHAHAHAHHAHA tak romantic kan? I know. Both of us are heartless. Sorry. Pastu terus okay. Tak pun macam “Hello dah la tu merajuk. So ugly one” pastu dua dua terus macam hahahahahahahhahahahahaha ok tak seronok lah merajuk jom sambung merepek.

Kita jugak ada taste yang berbeza macam langit dengan bumi. He likes western food while this cry baby Syamim, lovessssss to try new foods. I kurang sikit western food, to me most of them macam tasteless? Hello everything is salt and pepper. Boringgg! So bila dia ajak for steak date, I cam hm pasrah jela. Cannot decide what to eat so usually he will decide for me. Tapi sedap! HAHAHAHAHA nasib baik. Kalau I, I suka makan sushi, Korean food, Japanese food, whatever weird food yeaaa I like to try almost everything! Dia redha je dengan I. Kihkih! Guess what? We had our FIRST KOREAN FOOD DATE recently. So hard to pujuk one ah this guy.
Ok… So I don’t know what to write anymore.

Happy 2nd Anniversary my dear B(ae)stfriend. Kaya cepat okay babe, and then masuk meminang I. Wekkkkk. Bye.

Ini our first photo together. Iaitu 2 tahun lepas. HAHAHAHAHAHHAA. Mudanya I.

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