18 May 2015


You had the chance to fix everything, you had the chance to say, NO.

But what now?

I am sorry if I tend to be so clingy at times, or maybe most of the time. I am just being me. I know some people can't handle my attitude. What should I do? I don't even know.

Maybe its time for me to let you go. I need to let go of everything, it was an awesome journey tho. But sometimes. people change, the situation is no longer the same. I am not happy with my decision but this is for our own good. We complete each other just like brothers & sisters. We are totally crazy about each other, just like bffs. But to have feelings for each other, its a different thing. I know, we tried so hard to protect our relationship but idk. I guess we are too young for this.

You're a good friend to me, a good listener and always there to solve my problems. Its just me. Its me. I don't like to compete with anyone to have your attention. Honestly, I am that typical girl like those girls on tumblr and twitter. Eventho I will always say that I am not. Deep down inside, girls will always be girls. I want someone who can show me off, like I am the prettiest girl on earth, I wanna feel special everyday, I wanna be a princess, not to the world, but to him and only him.

Our first few months was great. But you know, people will stop showing their efforts once they get what they want. It was never your fault. Its ours. I know I stopped too.

We need some space & time. That's all.

But hey, bestfriends do fight, and get mad at each other huh. Just like us.

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